Personal Clients

All pricing is based on foods prepared with the intention of providing nourishment for food lasting three to three and a half days. The standard baseline menu format is nine menu items: four mains and five side. These serve three to four portions each. Each cooking session is structured to the client’s household needs which will be determined in the initial intake process. We will collaborate together to determine how to provide the most effective blueprint for your home. We are able to accommodate more than nine menu items per cooking session per the client’s needs.

* additional menu items, cleanses, macro nutrient counting, portioned meals will alter pricing*

1-2 people in one household, 9 menu items
Each additional person $85

1 Cooking Session per week, $635/session
2 Cooking Sessions per week, $585/session

1-2 people in one house, 9 menu items
Each additional person $111

1 Cooking Session per week, $775/session
2 Cooking Sessions per week, $750/session

 Please note that all prices are for the cooking session and labor only. Labor costs encompass custom curated menu development, sourcing and collecting of ingredients, delivery of foods
 Cost of food not included.
8 Mile delivery radius included in fee. Location delivery fees may apply for further distance 

** To inquire about day rates for private chef services please contact us**

Chef Sherie-900

“Chef Sherie has touched every major event in my life with her heart-full food. Her range is seemingly limitless – from intimate cocktails & hors d’oeuvres to prix fixe 40- year old birthday sit down dinners, wedding parties of 100+, two pregnancies and births and a bachelorette weekend in between – her versatility in accomodating any crowd or occasion in my life is only out-matched by her innate knack of knowing exactly what her guests will crave and enjoy. Whole, elegant and unfussy, her dishes have warmed so many souls and enlightened hundreds of celebrations. I couldn’t imagine sharing my kitchen & home with anyone else.”