Every event is a unique and special opportunity for us to create a memorable and magical experience for you. Whether it’s a dinner party for six or a wedding for two hundred, we’ve got everything handled so that you can relax and enjoy your celebration.

We co-create each and every event with you based on your inspiration and vision. Merging our artful culinary creations with your desires for your special gathering is our absolute delight! 

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“I can always count on Chef Sherie’s beautiful and creative dishes, masterfully crafted with the finest ingredients, to really WOW my guests! Her love, passion & pride for showcasing her farmers is deeply rooted in each bite. – We love her!”

A Small Taste of Past Offerings

Rack of lamb

Pistachio, rosemary, Espelette, burgundy


Tarragon, green peppercorn, broiled citrus

Bone in Ribeye Roast

Autonomy Farms ribeye roast, rock salt, jus, horseradish

Celery Root Gratin

Gruyere, parmesan, cream, thyme

Sauteed Greens

Chard, mizuna, mustard greens & dandelion, roasted garlic

Carrot & Fennel Salad

Garden of Farms roasted heirloom rainbow carrots & fennel, cardamom turmeric vinaigrette, spiced walnuts, chives

Winter Squash

Finely Farms butternut, kabocha, red kuri, ghee, maldon, crispy sage

Hazelnut Cookies

Date sugar, Italian cherries

Almond Olive Oil Cake

Grain free, honey sweetened, spiced apples

Paleo Chocolate Hazelnut Layer Cake

House made roasted hazelnut butter, coconut sugar sweetened, candied hazelnuts, coconut cream, gold leaf, flowers


Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial Champagne

Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial

Signature Cocktails

Hachiya persimmon, bourbon, orange bitters, vermouth, crystalized young ginger

Chopin vodka, burnt meyer lemon, thyme honey, pomegranate

Tray Pass Bites

Potato Latkes

Caviar, crème fraiche, micro chives

Tahitian Squash Pancake

Rhubarb chutney, fried sage

Crab Salad

Little gem leaves, crab claws, shaved apple, meyer lemon, olive oil, herbs

Porcini Soup Shooter

Chestnut cream, olive oiL, cracked pepper, borage


1. Peads & Barnetts farmers sausage, shaved apple, sage, fontina 2.Smoked tomato, fresh mozzarella, rosemary, castelvaltrano

Cauliflower Ricotta Fritter

Sumac, savory, toasted sesame

Brisket Bites

Butter Autonomy Farms beef brisket, sour dough, cherry onion jam, arugula

Endive Cups

Market veggies, Asian pear, burnt orange, olive oil, herbs


Grain Free Blondies

Almond flour, maple, dark chocolate

Lemon Bar

Blueberry compote

Lemon verbena pot de crème

Caramelized figs

Double Chocolate Caramelized Pecan Cookies

Touch of Maldon

Cardamom Coffee

Steamed hazelnut milk, shaved cinnamon stick

Ginger Hot Chocolate

Honey sweetened whipped coconut cream

Baba Ganoush

Wood smoked Peacock Farm summer eggplant, tahini, lemon, olive oil


Garbanzo beans, poached plum tomato, Syrian pepper


Tahini, pureed garbanzo, paprika, lemon, olive oil


Strained yogurt, dried crushed mint leaves, sea salt


Autonomy Farms ground lamb, crushed winter wheat, pine nuts

Stuffed grape leaves

Tomato, rice, garbanzo beans, lemon


Chiles, lemon rind, savory

Marinated Feta

Sheeps milk feta, parsley, black salt, sumac

Fresh Pita


Parsley, crushed red wheat, green onion, tomato, lemon dressing


Toasted pita, little gems, cucumber, Kalamata olives, heirloom tomato, savory, sumac

Chicken kabob

Yogurt brined organic, free range chicken breast, garlic sauce

Lamb kufta

Cumin, parsley, ground lamb, fire grilled

Stuffed eggplant

Tomato sauce, ground lamb or chicken, pine nuts, all spice



Filo, rosewater, cream

Fresh fruits

Mint tea



Channel Island halibut, steamed crab, uni butter, braised fennel, parsley


Bone in Autonomy farms ribeye, flame grilled, maldon, butter, black garlic 

Japanese sweet potatoes 

Milliken farms most coveted potatoes, crispy oregano, black salt, ghee 

Charred Sugar Snap Peas 

Finely Family Farms super sweet sugar snap peas, chives, lemon zest, chilies 

Heirloom Carrots 

Garden Of Family Farms rainbow carrots, coriander, cardamom, touch of maple, pink peppercorn

Wild Mushrooms 

Golden State Papaya farms mixed wild mushrooms, thyme, parsley, ghee, maldon

Baby Artichokes 

Suncoast Organic Farms roasted, tender petite artichokes, loads of herbs, XVOO, lemon 


Kandarian Farms farro piccolo, English peas, asparagus, parmesan

Berry crumble

Slivered almonds, mixed berries, vanilla formage blanc, touch of honey 

Chocolate Mint Torte

Sonora crust, bittersweet chocolate, fresh mint, cream 


Broiled lemon, spring oregano, sweet roasted garlic, Sicilian chilies, fennel pollen  

Chicken scaloppini 

Sourdough panko, lemon zest, parsley, dill,  pan sautéed, arugula & pickled onion 

Heritage grain salad 

Tehachapi grain project heirloom wheat berries, rye and red fife, Andy’s Orchard Angelus peaches, ricotta salata, basil, pink peppercorn, lemon zest

Cucumber & Radicchio salad

Melon cucumbers, Persian cucumber, tarragon, mint, radicchio, castelvaltrano olives, citrus vin, black sesame  

Figs & Burrata 

Lemon basil, Laudemio, black salt 

Beets & Blackberries 

Finely Farms blackberries, crème fraiche, spiced hazelnuts, sherry vin  

Little Gems

Shaved carrot, watermelon radish, sugar snap peas, asparagus, chive buttermilk dressing

Grain Free Olive Oil, Rose Layer Cake 

Vanilla butter, Harry’s strawberries, candied rose petals, gold leaf 

Salted chocolate chip cookies 

Flake salt, bitter sweet chocolate, turbinado sugar