About Chef Sherie

   Cooking with her beloved grandmother in the kitchen at 5 years old, a young Chef Sherie discovered the gift of culinary artistry in its raw beauty, power, and vitality. The alchemy of fusing inspired, creative expression and physical nourishment into brilliant food preparation quickly became her passion and her calling. Chef Sherie has been cooking ever since, bringing rustic, bright flavors to the table with loving care and devotion to her craft.
    After graduating from Johnson and Wales University in Providence Rhode Island where she received her Master’s Degree in Culinary Arts in 2000, Sherie was a Sous chef at a fine dining Northern Italian restaurant, Executive Chef for an upscale eatery, then she became a Corporate Executive Chef before relocating to Los Angeles in 2005 to pursue a career as a personal chef.
   Sherie’s culinary style has continued to evolve and expand, centering on a philosophy of holistic health and well-being. Sherie deepened her understanding of the importance of food source and individual farmer’s agricultural process at the Santa Monica Farmers Market. Getting to know each farmer’s practices personally by setting foot on their land, visiting their farms, and learning the integrity of each ingredient from seed to harvest, inspires Sherie to create a cuisine that begins at the source, then transcends into rich, flavorful dishes for the table.
   Sherie has worked as a personal chef for myriad clients with various dietary and palate needs, so she is extremely well-versed in honoring the individual needs of her clients. She believes that each person’s dietary plan is as unique as their fingerprint and works diligently to provide her clients with what feels best for their bodies. The everchanging circumstances of life guide Sherie to provide the care and vital support needed for her clients throughout their journey. Sherie has worked alongside many holistic and medical professionals in order to nurture people through various forms of physical ailments including cancer and alternative cancer treatments, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, in vitro, autoimmune disease and other illness or injuries. Helping her clients learn to integrate food into the mind/body connection fuels Chef Sherie’s passion for achieving the health and well-being of each individual and, ultimately, our community as a whole. Her ability to fuse together the magic of creative, flavorful cuisine and exemplary nutrition is seamless and unparalleled.